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Software applications are developed with an objective to ease up the works that have been done in a manual way by the humans. Computer software or just the word software alone is a generic term, which refers to automating many of the manual processes. This can be done with the help of a software application; a computer can replace a lot of work done by humans with its potential and speed of processes. Software applications are all about handling a information and processing it through various methods and functions that are either built inside the program or by the developer. Computer software programs are well efficient that is driven from its library, which can be a vital component to execute a data, and the outcome can be mostly in the console of the program that can be later be fed in the external devices that are used as a software component, such as software chips and external devices, these programs can be fed into these devices where it can be later used to perform a task, for instance SIM cards, digital weighing scales, washing machines and many other devices that are used in our daily life, as well as for some special scenarios. When it comes to software applications, the applications cannot be used without a hardware component and due to the advancement of the technology there are many hardware machines that are implemented with an electronic chip, which is embedded with a software programming codes. But when it comes to computer applications either the hardware cannot work on its own or the software cannot work on its own. The software applications cannot be implemented without a hardware component. In today's scenario many of the hardware machines work with the help of a software application, for instances, many of the cars produced now are manufactured with software components such as sensors and other facilities such as Geo Positioning System (GPS).

Fundraising Software

Fundraising software applications are used mainly to raise funds among the people for any such special cause. This helps the donor and receiver to have a tidy process between them, long gone were the days where people need to reach the streets and knock every door. The receiver can have a sophisticated software application for this process in their computer; due to the recent technology, many people are using these software applications in their Smartphones now. This helps the people to sit back and relax while collecting funds from one place, as it is a simple and effective way of collecting as many funds as they want. The user can create a new bank account or can use an existing and can add it with the software or web application. When a donor sends money, the money automatically gets added to the fund collectors' account.

Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software Name Starting Price Free Trial Deployment
Donor Tools $19.00/month Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web
eTapestry $119.00/month No Cloud, SaaS, Web
Auction Software $750.00/one-time Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web
DonorView $99.00/month Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web
iMIS Fundraising Management $300.00/month/user Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web, Installed - Windows
CiviCRM $700/one-time Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web
Raklet $39.00/month Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web, Mobile - Android Native , Mobile - iOS Native
Sustain $50.00/month Yes Cloud, SaaS, Web, Installed - Mac ,Installed - Windows

Marketplace Software

Marketplace software applications are used as an online marketplace for the users' convenience; this helps the people to use the software application for their daily needs. These software applications are used to focus on their current small needs, some are used to find rooms in the hotels, and some are used as a marketplace for selling and buying goods. Marketplace software applications will escalate the sales for the seller and one of the main thing about this software application is, it helps to evict the brokerage or any kind of mediator. This is one of the most important features one can make avail using the marketplace software applications. This makes the commerce very simple between people, and apart from goods, there are many services that can be made avail.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management software applications are used to manage a hotel system, which helps to handle the customers' data. The data accumulated from the user can be used to provide services to them; this is used to assist the front desk employees to handle all the works that had been done in a manual way. Due to the speed and accuracy, many of the hotels are looking forward to shifting to the software application. This helps them to make the work tidy and have databases of the customers that help them to provide services. Many of the hotel management software applications help them to integrate with many other modules such as tourism and many other entities. These software applications will also help the hotel owners to promote their hotels, and helps them to market their services to other competitors in the industry. It also provides a transparency between each process.

Chat Software

Chat software applications are used to communicate between two or more people. Mostly many people can't deny the uses of the chat software, as almost any of the people are aware of the significance of this software application. This software application helps to have one to one communication as well as one-to-many communications. Chat software can be very useful for each and everyone, as today's chat software application lets the users have an end-to-end sophisticated messaging system. Due to the advent technology, many of the chatting software applications help the users to send and receive pictures and video files, and to an extent, these applications allow the users to video chat with others. This is one of the most cutting-edge featured applications, as they are sought by many people due to its simple and easy user interface and their efficient performance.

Chat Software

Chat Software List Starting Price Initial Release Developed by Operating system
LiveChat $16 2002 Livechat Software Web-based, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS
Google Hangouts Free 2017 Google Chrome OS And Windows PC
Skype Free(Skype to Skype) 2003 Skype Communications Windows, Mac or Linux Windows 7 or later. Mac OS 10.10 or later
Kik Messenger Free 2010 Kik iOS 6.0 or later, Android
Yahoo! Messenger Free 1998 Yahoo Android, iOS. Microsoft Windows, Symbian, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
KakaoTalk Free 2010 Kakao iOS, macOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows NT, Nokia Asha


Rezo Point Zero FAQs
With our user-friendly website, it is very easy to approach our website and all you have to do is to visit our website and go to the contact page and fill up the form, or note down the phone numbers and address to call or visit us in person.
Delivery times of the projects are quite hard to mention beforehand, and each and every project is given a separate and special amount of significance as they are considered unique, but generally, it would take somewhere between a day to 6 months.
Our company is working on the most recent methods that are implemented in the market, and yes we work in Agile methodology where we update each and every module’s development to the client frequently or on a daily basis, during this the client may respond, so that the development team will proceed or regress the process according to the clients’ response.
There should be no doubt on this because we have very talented Business Analyst who will make sure that they receive the requirements right and deliver it pitch perfectly to the developers and due to the Agile way of working we often contact the client to make sure they are satisfied with the modules that are developed so far.
We work on many platforms that will be changed according to the clients’ projects’ requirement. Generally, we don’t restrict ourselves with only a limited amount of work, we work in Mobile Technologies, Web-Based Applications, Standalone Desktop Applications and etc., like Cloud-based solutions.
We are more concerned to have our clients to have long-term connectivity with us; we have a separate team deployed for after sales support named maintenance projects. These people will always try to get your back when you get some doubts regarding the application that is delivered to you.
Yes, we do come and work in on-site locations when there is a real need arises from the client side. It will be easier to work when the professionals are deployed near the clients to deliver the expected outcome. Yes, we do come and work in on-site locations when there is a real need arises from the client side. It will be easier to work when the professionals are deployed near the clients to deliver the expected outcome.

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